1/15 Good Reads


I came across a few articles and podcasts today that I want to share.

Shamanic Biohacking with Alberto Villoldo

Discussed here in this podcast are the topics of fasting, fish oil, slowing the aging process, natural healing, good fats, better mental performance, and a brief history of the change to new agricultural food and how we struggle with digesting carbs among many other things. I really enjoyed the view of Alberto Villoldo. I’ll be paying more attention to his work as I am becoming more fascinated with natural healing.

Science’s obsession: The search for a “smart pill” 

Some topics I was intrigued with here are the different forms of stimulation, Provigil (smart drug), and surprisingly Nicotine’s effects on mental performance. I knew there were benefits to Nicotine when isolated. However, many people associate Nicotine with smoking tobacco – and all the chemicals in it. I wonder if the same benefits can be gained from an e-cig?

Simulations back up theory that Universe is a hologram 

I always enjoy hearing these new theories, whether it be that the universe is a hologram or that we live in a simulation. Whatever the truth is, at least we are expanding our minds to more possibilities. Because guess what, we know nothing…

Obama debates President Obama on Government Surveillance 

This is just scary. Does anyone know who is really running this country? It’s probably not who we think.

What did you find today?


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