New Age Business Lesson

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Looking back at my schooling, I now notice there were a decent amount of business classes that did not prepare me for the real world.

I was being prepared for a career in scantron test-taking.

A quality education will provide you with a strong base going forward. It may open some doors and set you on the right path. However, I continue to see people giving up on learning once they graduate.

This is a crucial mistake.

My education outside the classroom has taught me so much more than anything within those walls. Until you get your hands dirty with the workings of the real world, you will be on a difficult path to a successful career.

This is true learning.

This is how you make real money.

This is how you separate yourself from the crowd.

I have spent countless hours developing a go-to system for myself. I have studied many people smarter and accomplished than myself. I have experimented with existing platforms to learn first hand.

Reading and studying will start you on a good path, but there comes a point when you need to dive in.

So anyway, I have my Masters in Accounting. Hypothetically, I could go teach business classes.

This got me thinking. What would be a quality assignment for students – that is both useful and relative to the times – that I would assign if I were a teacher right now in a general business class.

Most homework is straight from the book. I rarely had any assignments in class that utilized some of the most powerful tools we currently use online.

This needs to change. Here’s what I would propose.

Assignment for the day

There are 2 parts to this.

Find 5 people of influence in a certain field you are interested in. Make sure this person has a blog or some sort of platform (Facebook/Twitter/etc). This could be a CEO, a popular marketer, a member of a startup…you get the point.

Part 1: Evaluate the pros and cons of their online presence. Are their messages coming across effectively? Are they providing actionable advice? Have they differentiated themselves? Are they responding back to their audience consistently? Do they have a legit following? Are they spammy? Are they talking too much?

It’s important to be able to detect BS in this new world of social media and technology. This trend will not stop anytime soon. There will be more and more information coming out every day. There was a study in 2013 that 90% of the World’s data that was generated over the previous 2 years. I think you understand the importance.

Part 2: Choose 2 of these individuals (preferably ones you find the most value from) and reach out to them via Twitter/Facebook/Blog. When reaching out, spend a little time trying to provide value for them. This will increase your chance of being noticed and receiving a response.

The purpose of this assignment is to stress the importance of consistently providing value to others, finding quality sources of information, and eliminating the fear of reaching out to more experienced people in a field you’re interested in.

The state of communication, business, and influence is changing by the day. You can now reach out to some of the top people in their fields living across the country. This is an opportunity you can capitalize on.

It’s time to dive into the existing system right now while you can or else you will be spending all of your time catching up.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Give this a shot.


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