Changed Views in 2013


Just sitting down thinking about the things I have changed my mind on in 2013…

  • Fats – For the longest time I grew up thinking fats were bad. I knew there were such things as good fats, but I was misinformed. Now I consume good fats like crazy – eggs, butter, avocados, almonds, coconut oil, mct oil, olive oil, bacon, animal fats – and I love them. Oh did I tell you that you can lose weight, increase focus, and increase energy with these.
  • Salt – Again, for the longest time I thought of salt as bad – and some is (like iodized or table salt). However, I realized that we have all been tricked by marketers when it comes to salt. Too much is still not good, but some each day can bring some good benefits. So I bought some pink Himalayan salt recently and throw it on my eggs every day. I am starting to add this salt to even more things with the amounts of minerals and health benefits associated with it.
  • My Workout Routine – I used to go with machines and dumbbells for the longest time. Now I am starting to believe in natural movements, stretching, and making use of kettlebells and continuing with the dumbbells. I am also looking to get back into yoga again. I’m trying to really balance myself out.
  • Fasting I tried some intermittent fasting this year with some good results. I only tried it for about 2 months (doing it maybe 2 days a week). I usually fasted from around 8 p.m. until 12 p.m. the next day. Nothing crazy. Could still have coffee and water. I had some good results and it also helped with my discipline.
  • Drugs  Ohhhh prescription medicine…you slow killers. The complications involved with taking these pills are endless. If you have a minor sickness, I think it is better to fight through though natural measures than pop a pill. This goes for hangovers, minor colds, and stuff like that. As for these “necessary” pills for older people like blood pressure medication, maybe that person needs it. Or maybe not. It’s better to remove the cause than fix the problem. Doctor’s won’t tell you that though. You know why? No money for anyone. All that being said, I still try some supplements to work towards better performance and well-being. I do like the aspect of self-experimentation.
  • My time The older I get, the more I value my time. Instead of going out every weekend night until 3, I am beginning to evaluate the effects on my next day. Of course this happens at times, but at least these thoughts are conscious. I enjoy feeling good in the morning and waking up early. I like being productive and getting that morning workout in after a cup of coffee. Remember, time is your most valuable resource.
  • My attention This goes along with the above. I have began thinking of things in terms of what provides me the most benefits (and we’re not talking immediate gratification). Should I watch this show again or should I take the time and knock out 30 pages of this book? Should I continue to work mindlessly or take a 10 minute nap to recharge? These are the questions I am beginning to consciously ask myself.
  • Conceiving Ideas – I have noticed recently that calming my mind is the best way to get original ideas. I knew this, but never took action. In 2013, I continued practicing meditation and taking a little time to relax each day. Ideas began to come – with these ideas being more purposeful that the rational ideas you get when your mind is a little strained.
  • Podcasts – 2013 was the year I became obsessed with podcasts. A few of the podcasts I follow have been extremely influential and eye-opening – Joe Rogan, Joey Diaz, Aubrey Marcus – to name a few. The podcast platform brings us closer to the truth than anything else out there. There’s too much bullshit on tv, radio, and even many of these blogs.
  • Investments – Being in your mid 20’s, many people will tell you to start your retirement plan right away. This isn’t bad advice, as I started a ROTH IRA and contribute some monthly. The only problem is this money is no longer liquid and inflation may eat it up. I would rather have more money now and spend it on something else: Investing in myself. The younger you are the better the time to start. Invest in your learning, in your side project, or in your health. This is truly money well spent.
  • My faith – I have been tweaking my faith for a while now. Growing up Catholic, you go to church and follow the words in the bible. I just don’t like the fear aspect. Actually, I hate fear. I want to focus on getting in touch with my true self and help others. I’m mixing the best pieces of everything in order to better myself. Love>Fear is the direction I am moving right now.
  • Blogging – So yeah, now I have this blog. Enjoy!