21 Ways to Be Soft


Find what works for you. Here’s your guide.

1. Don’t put in the necessary work in order to separate yourself from the crowd. Not seeing immediate results? Just quit.

2. Be easily influenced and stick with those beliefs. Don’t question the status quo.

3. Be scared of the darkness and unknown. Turn on your nightlight. Stay inside. It’s too scary out there.

4. Lose perspective and forget how much better you have it than your ancestors…even your parents. Life is so hard! There is just too much to worry about.

5. Allow fear to have control over you. I can’t go and talk to her. What if she says no? What if she makes fun of me? What if I get embarrassed in front of my friends? We don’t want you to risk that. That may hurt your ego.

6. Doubt and negativity fills your mind. Just distract yourself. It will go away for a little. No need to pay attention to your Movie Screen.

7. Expect handouts. The world owes you something.

8. Avoid seeking help. You’ve got this! Why would you trust anyone else’s advice? Do it all yourself.

9. Have little patience with things. Immediate gratification is so much better. You need that dopamine.

10. Settle for mediocrity. Paving your own path sounds dangerous.

11. Constantly give in to distractions. What’s new on Facebook? – last login 2 minutes ago

12. Never fail. Don’t even think about that word. Avoid any situation where this may result.

13. No need to exercise now. You can do that tomorrow…

14. Debt becomes a significant part of your life. You need more things! More schooling. A better house. Some extra clothes. You need to impress some people.

15. Let others choose your path. This makes things easy. You don’t have to make any decisions for yourself.

16. Don’t use your pain and failures as fuel. Just let it brew inside. It will never get out.

17. Always be moving fast. You smell one rose, you’ve smelled them all.

18. Follow your mind over your heart at all times. I once heard this quote “the first principle is to not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.” Really? You’re too smart for that to apply to you, right. Don’t listen to them.

19. Complain about your current circumstances. There’s nothing you can do. Tell everyone how bad you have it and at least get some sympathy.

20. Move away from creating change. That’s too risky. Only deal with it when it’s forced upon you.

21. Don’t take the last shot. Always avoid putting your ass on the line. This way you never face the consequences. If something goes wrong, it’s on them.

All of this comes down to choice. Join the majority and be soft.